Buy the certified sunglasses for the sake of your eyes

The eye is the window to the soul and includes the five most important senses. Without eyes, our world will be dark. Therefore, taking care of the eyes properly is an obligation So that’s why a pair of sunglasses can be necessary. Here is an eye care tip from Dr. Jeff Goodhew, an eye doctor at Abbey Eye Care, Ontario, Canada that we’re going to share with you, and it’s going to be about the benefits of best elliptical machine under 500.

Choosing sunglasses

The sun’s UV rays not only can damage the skin and raise the risk of skin cancer but also can accelerate the arrival of degenerative eye disease. Therefore, wearing sunglasses when outside is mandatory.

In addition, sunglasses are also useful to protect your eyes from dust or other dirt that can cause eye infections.

Often we think, the darker the lens of the glasses, the more protection we can get. That is wrong.

Goodhew said, assessing the protection of sunglasses is not seen from the color of the lens or the price but should buy glasses with certificate label passed the test.