Consult It With Your Surgeon Before Performing Plastic Surgery

Do you want to run Facial Plastic Surgery? Tell the surgeon about any medications you are taking, including non-prescription medicines and herbal supplements, at least 30 days before surgery. Doctors need time to communicate with each other and decide what kind of drugs they can continue to consume and which should be stopped before surgery.

Stop taking drugs that can be purchased without a prescription. Many types of drugs, though not all, whose consumption should be stopped before surgery. The surgeon may inform you of any medications that may continue to be consumed prior to surgery, such as paracetamol.

Do not stop or alter the consumption of any kind of drug without consulting a physician first. Plan early with regular doctors or specialists. There are many types of drugs that the dose of consumption should be reduced gradually if you want to be stopped completely. There are also some types of prescription drugs whose consumption should not be stopped or altered at all. Inform your doctor about any medications you should consume on a regular basis, including on the day of surgery.