What You Need to Know Before Installing Air Conditioner Unit

Perhaps, you get tempted to benefit from installed air conditioning. Before deciding to buy or install an air conditioner, you need to consider the following points in order for the air conditioner to function optimally and efficiently.

Use or function of space

Space use affects the room temperature because basically humans who fill a room to remove calories high enough. Bedrooms are only filled with two people different from the family room that frequency in and out of occupants is quite high. The more users the greater the AC power required.

Room Size

The size of the room determines how many BTUs (British thermal units) or cooling speeds. BTU is the cooling speed for a one square meter room with a standard height (generally three meters). The bigger one room would be the greater the BTU needed.

Cooling load

The cooling load comes from inside the room (internal heat gain). For example from the number of residents who will be in the AC room. In addition, the use of lighting, such as lights. Some types of lights release a high heat, which means you also have to choose AC with the higher power. Apart from the inside, the cooling load also comes from outside. Like sunlight that releases heat energy through walls, roof or windows.

The number of glass windows

Today many homes have glass windows or use glass blocks. If your room uses glass as much as 70% or more, you should use a film glass that can withstand ultraviolet light to reduce the cooling load.

AC placement

For this type of split air conditioner, you should think about indoor and outdoor unit placement or compressor. Installation of the indoor unit needs to pay attention to the flow of air (air flow) from blower AC. Determination of appropriate wind or blow currents to make the air issued more evenly and not just gathered at one point.