Beautiful Carpet Models for Stairs in Your Home

The ladder is one of the important components in the terraced house. It is because, in addition to functioning as a liaison, the ladder is also considered able to increase the aesthetic value of a home. Usually, to avoid the danger of slipping on a tiled or parquet ladder, the surface will be added step nosing.

But actually, there is a more interesting way to apply, namely the use of carpets. Carpet material that makes the stairs rung not slippery when stepped on, so do not endanger your health and family. But you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of your carpet with a routine wash every 6 months at the best carpet washers you can find at

Applying carpet on the stairs also provides an attractive appearance for a room, especially if you install a brightly colored carpet and full of motifs. If you want a soft and comfortable feel, the carpet is a thick solution. Another advantage, thick carpets are able to muffle the sound of footsteps so it is not noisy and disrupt activity at home.