Things to Know When Assessing the Result of Your PPC campaign

It is important to know whether your PPC campaign is running and delivering the expected results. Well. easy calculations to assess whether the PPC you are running is actually benefiting your business or not. Sure, you can ask about this when interviewing some potential companies for your PPC Management Los Angeles. Here are the things to note for your PPC ad:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC is the fee you pay to PPC advertising network for every click that happened to your ad. In other words: the cost to bring 1 visitor to your website from your PPC advertising.

Conversion Rate (CR)

If the record is done well or Google Analytics is paired on the website, you can find out how many visitors end up buying or using the services provided.

Yield per Conversion (YPC)

To get YPC, divide the total profit made with the number of visitors who bought your product. YPC basically shows how the average profit generated for each of your customers.