Types of locks that must be known

Lever Locks: It is the most widely used and most easily installed key type. Has a handle that is open lever when pressed. Lack key deficiency is a relatively easier component to tamper with, making it more vulnerable to open forcibly. Meanwhile, you can call the trusted locksmith near you if you really don’t want to mess with any kind of lock mechanism on your own.

Cylindrical Locks: Some sources say that the cylinder lock tends to be more difficult to forcibly open, this is because of its good shape in concealing the performance and shape of the key in it. The inner keys are more jagged and complicated, so there are more key types, thus reducing the probability of a double key. The price is slightly more expensive than the key lever. There is a cylindrical lock that uses a lever-shaped lever (combination) there is also a round shape so to open it must be rotated.

Digital Key: The design and use of it do look simple and modern, but that does not mean it has no flaws. Digital door locks are also vulnerable to breakthroughs, just like other key types. There are 2 types of digital door locks, which use PIN and remote. If you are not careful in remembering and storing your remote or home pin, burglars will be able to enter your home without much difficulty. Another drawback, digital door locks are electronic equipment that has a great dependence on electricity.